#2|A Message From An Egg!

My friend invited me to their grandparents farm house for Sunday lunch. I must have been 13 at the time so I was quite excited. After eating, his grandfather asked if I wanted to see the animals he had. I really wanted to say “no I’ll pass”, as the only animals I was into was my cat and those on the Nandos menu! But since I wanted to stay looking interested I said “yess, sureee!” With an awkward smile. Walking towards the back door he threw what seemed to be size 15 wellies. At this point I’m rolling my eyes in my mind every 10 seconds.

So we’re now outside looking at these animals in the smelly cold. Yes I said smelly cold! Walking around he was telling me different stories and facts about the animals. I must say I was impressed by how much he could reel off about each animal. And there was one ‘fact’ he told me that stuck to this day! As we stood amongst the chickens he reached down and picked up an egg. He explained how delicate eggs are. “If an unhatched egg is broken from the outside in you could kill or injure the life inside” Placing the egg back down he said that’s why it’s important to keep the eggs in a safe unrestricted place to protect it from crushing. This instantly struck a chord with me! An egg carrying a chicken might never reach its full potential, it might never be able to spread its wings or have the chance to walk amongst the straws if its not in the right environment. Its environment has crushed its shell. Think about it. We all have our potential restrictions which vary depending on when and where you’re born. This could be your skin colour, social status, education, age, gender identity or sexual preference. I say that to say this, don’t let the world around you to destroy the world within you.

We lose so much when we trade in authenticity for social approval. We lose our true self and in turn the world loses the contribution we can make to it. I’ve found it takes a lot of energy to police our every word and action. When I stopped playing the role I thought was expected of me and started to free, free to live, free to dream, free to discover, free to be right, free to be wrong! The letting go and being unleashed a level of creativity and drive I hadn’t yet tapped into. So, what’s been restricting you? What have you allowed to hold back the full you?

From One Discovering Soul To Another – I hope we continue to hatch all what’s within!:)

#1|Victim Of Distraction

I cannot recall the amount of times I’ve went to the shops to buy something and I come back with a bag full of everything I DON’T need! Thank Consumer Rights Act 2015 for your returns policy. Have you planned to do something but somehow and at the most inconvenient time your attention is deterred, falling victim of distraction? Well, if you can relate read on..

I ran into this bit of information and had to share. It’s said that the word distraction derived from an old French term for a medieval torture method. Now let me try and explain this without being too graphic. So they would tie a rope around the victim’s wrist and ankles and attach each rope to a horse. Simultaneously they would strike the horse, each of them running in their own direction painfully killing the poor person in the middle. This is distraction! Ok a little dramatic but this is what it can do, it destroys! It kills our focus, drive, motivation, relationships, dreams and the list goes on. In order to reach the goals we’ve set in our careers, fitness, family and finances etc, it’s important that we address this. Below are just 4 things that helps me to stay focus. Whether you have long or short term goals, these points will equip you against this silent enemy.

1. Switch it off! We live in an interactive society, there’s always something tugging for our attention. We can’t completely hide from this unless you want to live under a rock! So turning off your electrical appliances can significantly reduce the chances of being distraction. If that’s too unrealistically for you, something as simple as switch off your notifications a few hours a day will significantly increase your concentration and rest your mind.

2. Be accountable to someone! Telling someone the goals you’ve set and the deadlines you have is a good way of staying on track. A bit of tough love. A good kick in the right place from a friend or family should help you get your focus and drive back.

3. Set realistic goals! Don’t cram in too much in a short space of time. Try to focus on only 3 things max at a time. Have your energy focused towards only a few things. The brain works better when its attention isn’t divided. “Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” Alexander Graham Bell

4. Stop! Distractions aren’t always external, they can also internal. If you find that your mind keeps wondering, look into why? What’s going on? It’s best to deal with the issue that to suppress it.

From One Discovering Soul To Another – Don’t let distraction be the death of Us!

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