#21| All I Want For Christmas

The Christmas season is in full swing! Mere moments after the last child was tucked into bed after a night of trick or treat, did the bells start jingling and the undying holiday anthems start playing. This joyous occasion signals us all to reconnect with family, buy gifts, stuff our faces and wrap up inContinue reading “#21| All I Want For Christmas”

#19| Three’s A Crowd

Multitasking is defined as being able to take on many tasks at the same time. The word often used to describe the concept of computers being able to perform multiple tasks or processes concurrently. The computer would be able to have tasks and programmes running without any or little decrease in its productivity. This wordContinue reading “#19| Three’s A Crowd”

#17| The Power of “No”

Last week we touched on priorities, values and responding to demands. Today I want to delve into the power of No and why I think you should use this often seen as a negative word more often. Here are just 3 powers No holds: 1. No sets boundaries! It is the tool in which we establish and maintain limits that protects ourContinue reading “#17| The Power of “No””

#15 | I Pushed Over My Teacher

I enjoyed secondary school, probably abit too much. I don’t think a day went by without me being in a fit of laughter. It was good times. To my teachers this was annoying and disruptive, this resulted in me having a behaviour mentor pretty quickly. I mean I wasn’t mad about it, it came withContinue reading “#15 | I Pushed Over My Teacher”

#13| Catch Me Outside!

There’s nothing guaranteed to stay the same in life, every day brings change. The life you lived 5 years ago isn’t the same life you’re living today. Whether it’s a change in relationships, finances, work life, your values or health. Things over time will always change. Change is inevitable, we can’t run from it, weContinue reading “#13| Catch Me Outside!”