#20| I Got My 20/20 Vision Back!

A baby bird fell out of her nest and became disconnected from her family. Unable to fly or call out for help, this innocent bird wandered the grounds to find shelter and food. The next morning a farmer was out to tend his flock, in the distance he noticed the baby bird, rummaging in the leaves. He picked her up and thought it’d be a good idea to keep her in his pen filled with other birds. This bird was quickly accepted by the others and he grew and lived a what seemed to be a happy life amongst the rest. As the bird started to grow, the farmer recognised that this was different. It’s wings, feet and facial features. To his surprise he found out that he had rescued a rare American eagle! A bird that has the ability to reach altitudes of 10,000 feet. But it never attempted to fly because it lived its life amongst flightless birds.

Her environment and surrounds told her that walking around is the height of life and ability. She hadn’t seen another bird fly. They say that who you spend the majority of your time with will have an impact on how far you can see and how high you can soar. This I believe is true! They have the ability to influence and shape the way we see ourselves in the world and how we think.

Your associate’s can either stop or inspire, block or push you, blind or encourage the greatness in you.

In this coming year, we are getting our flight back! We surrounding ourselves with positive people, ‘movers and shakers’ and we are soaring! Be around people who inspire and challenge you to be better and do better. Ambitious people who see no limits only possibilities. Encouraging people who celebrate You.

Here’s a question and be brutally honest with yourself:

• Have you allowed people or your environment to put limits on you?

•Has your boss or job dumbed down your ability to do more?

A dangerous place to be in life is being comfortable going nowhere.

Today, understand that there is greatness inside of you. You have the ability to achieve anything you set your heart and mind to. Reassess who you spend most of your time with and the conversations you have. You don’t have to de-friend them, but you may have to unfollow them in real life! Your flight starts now. 20/20 vision starts now.

Plan and prepare yourself for an amazing new year!:)

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