Multitasking is defined as being able to take on many tasks at the same time. The word often used to describe the concept of computers being able to perform multiple tasks or processes concurrently. The computer would be able to have tasks and programmes running without any or little decrease in its productivity. This word is commonly used to also describe people. Being able to ‘multitask’ is often something people pride themselves on. Women often identify themselves as naturally having this ability, often rubbing it in the face of their male counterpart.

Instead of doing lots of little things, exercise the power of three.

I fell into the pit of doing too much little things. I had lots of ides and goals and thought I’d be able to multitask on them all. I was very wrong. I became slow and less productive. Contrary to popular belief, science proves that our brain is awful at multitasking. Once it focuses on something, it blocks out everything else. When we multitask, our brain activity increases, as it switches frantically between tasks we become more prone to becoming distracted this way.

Do this task. Grab a pen and paper and someone to time you. On line one write you first and last name, and the line below write 1 to 20. Time yourself doing this. Now repeat this exercise, but write it differently. Write one character on each line one at a time. For example I would write ‘A’ on the top line and then 1 below, then ‘s’ on the top and then ‘2’ below and so on. Time yourself doing this and notice the difference in time and maybe also the quality of the writing.

Do one task at a time, pour all your attention into that present moment. Don’t mentally engage in anything else but the task at hand. In a day, aim to complete a maximum of three large tasks. You’ll find yourself saving a lot of time and energy. You’ll find yourself accomplishing more in less time. Write out three of your aims either for the day, month or year. Let these be your focus. It might be a business goal or a personal goal. Whatever it is, aim to focus on three things at different times, instead of many things at once.

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