Remember learning to cycle for the first time? Yeah, I don’t either lol but for the sake of this blog let’s pretend we do. Being forced to wear those hideous elbow and knee pads. With a helmet roughly weighing 10kg, designed to prevent head injuries whilst breaking your neck. Walking towards your bike you give it a little rock from side to side to ensure the stabilisers are fitted properly. If it wasn’t fitted correctly you could easily lose balance and fall off! It’s important in life that you create the right balance. It’s often underestimated how living a balanced life contributes to a healthier enjoyable life. It benefits your health, relationships, productivity, finances, wellbeing and the list goes on. Like a clog everything works together. For example, not putting enough time and energy into your relationships could cause unnecessary arguments and resentment, thus impacting on your emotions, which will then affect other areas of your life.

Life cannot be all work and no play. Neither can it be all play and no work. Striking the right balance is the key to a happier healthier life.

Having a balanced life does not mean putting an equal amount of time and energy into everything. This my friend is a recipe for disaster. Why? Because everything holds a different demand and value, and these constantly changing – and so does the time and energy these aspects require. Not recognising these changes or responding to the required demands can set you up to being unbalanced. The stage of life you were at 5 years ago, or even just a few months ago may have drastically changed. In order to keep with the flow you must recognise your values at this point in your life.

This week, identify the demands on the different areas of your life and redefine your priorities to achieve these. It might be that spending more time with family and friends, or thr opposite in order to get work done. You may need to spend less and save more! I have alot to say on this topic and can’t wait to share more throughout this month. Next week we’ll look at why we find it difficult to get balance. Thought provoking… we have just begun. Let’s end this year the way we mean to go on:)

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