I enjoyed secondary school, probably abit too much. I don’t think a day went by without me being in a fit of laughter. It was good times. To my teachers this was annoying and disruptive, this resulted in me having a behaviour mentor pretty quickly. I mean I wasn’t mad about it, it came with its benefits. I was able to get out of lessons, go on random activities outside school, weekends away and day trips. And it was on one of these days trips Mrs Moody (we’ll call her) went down.

First of all, I was already fumed at the fact we had to meet at school at 7am for a theatre show that started at 12pm! We was going to see The Nutcracker in London. I arrived at the school cold and tired, I said my “good mornings” to the teachers/mentors standing around and I proceed to mount the coach. Obviously me and my friend go straight to the back because eww who was going to sit anywhere else please! The teachers now start to take their seats and Mrs Moody comes to sit at the back. She was a smug middle aged lady who enjoyed getting me in trouble, almost as much as I enjoyed irritating her, so we had a mutual relationship.

Now half way to London and we stop at a service station for something to eat as planned. I got my usual KFC, it was lovely. I have eaten, annoyed Mrs Moody with a few songs and I’m now excited about this theatre show. Let’s fast forward.. so the show was great and we all rally up ready to leave. At this point I’m now hungry! I’ve been up since 6am, had service station food, my little pack lunch and theatre food which isn’t much. I’m hungry and slowly getting cranky! We left London a little later than planned but the teachers said we’ll make time to eat at a service station.

We arrive at the service station and they now say, “we don’t have time to pick up food, so we’re only stopping for a toilet break” I mean is this some kind of sick joke! Mrs Moody asks if everyone heard that, I said “no” and got up and went inside the station, straight to KFC. I ordered my usual, a zinger tower burger, chips and orange juice just for balance everything out. I handed over my money and waited. “Only stopping for a toilet break” I thought sighing to myself. These teachers can’t tell me their not hungry, with their breathes smelling like ear backs! You all should be the first in line for food. Mouth hot and empty. I could of raised a grievance to be fair. Reason: ‘withholding food from us and harmful breaths!’ My order arrives and the lady hands it over. Suddenly, I see an arm reach out from behind me. Mortified! WHAT’S GOING ON!? AM I BEING ROBBED!? OMG I’M BEING ROBBED!! So my natural instinct was to push whoever it is trying to grab my KFC! I turned around and pushed this thief and the person went back into a chair and fell to the ground! Now there lies Mrs Moody, on her back holding my KFC with a startled deer look on her face. The only thing that was missing from that moment was the outro of Eastenders theme tune, “doom doom doom, doom doom doom..” So what did I do? I grabbed my KFC bag whilst she was getting up and went to the coach to start on my meal.

That was the last I seen of Mrs Moody that day. She sat at the front of the coach and I next saw her at school the day after. It was only for 2 minutes because as I arrived they sent me back home lol. The moral of the story is, and yes there is a moral behind this (laughs slightly). Be hungry enough for achieving your goals that you let nothing or no one stand in your way. Period.

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