Every great man and woman whose ever walked the earth, have had in one way or another gone against the grain and the limitations placed on them, often due to social class, race, gender, belief or age. As with every journey, it all starts with taking that first step. So let’s challenge US to stop believing what you see and start seeing what you believe! Only once you start seeing, you will become more aware of what’s valuable to you on your journey and what’s hazardous.

We all have an inner voice that speaks to us. Some speak louder than others, but there’s a voice inside each one of us that stands by, ready to demean and undermine are dreams. Before even applying for that job role, their mind has already talked them out of it. “You’re not experienced enough”, “that salaries too high”. On the contrary there’s a inner cheerleader who encourages you, pushing you towards your best. Training your inner voice to be your best support will change your life.

Living the life of your dreams only starts when you take action – what leads to that action depends on which voice you decide to listen to.

The mind is a powerful tool. It can either be an enemy to progression and achievement or our cheerleader. If you can control your thoughts you can take control and be successful in every area of life. We have all experienced negative comments or been influenced by has people have treated us or made us feel in the past when self-doubt creeps up, don’t ignore it, hear it out then kick it out! It might be something said to you in your childhood, by a parent or boss, friend or a stranger. Or experiencing rejection, betrayal or abuse. Whatever it is, it has shaped the way you see yourself and your abilities. Get to the root of it and uproot it. You can only get rid of a squatter once you’ve identified who they are. Having a voice inside constantly telling you “you can’t” makes it difficult to move forward. Tell your inner voice who you are and learn the new you. Silence the unproductive voices of the past. You have achieved things in the past, why would now be any difference? Choose thoughts that support your goals and the person you want to become will be easier to action. If your thoughts are helping you to get to where you want to be, it’s time to listen to them.

Learn to become more aware of the leading voice in your life. What is it telling you about you? Is it working with you or against you? Am I living a life based on the voices of my past? Am I limiting myself due to my inner critic?

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