There’s nothing guaranteed to stay the same in life, every day brings change. The life you lived 5 years ago isn’t the same life you’re living today. Whether it’s a change in relationships, finances, work life, your values or health. Things over time will always change. Change is inevitable, we can’t run from it, we must merely learn to embrace it and make the most of the moment. When things change in our environment, our brain switches into fight or flight mode. This a natural built in human instinct that is very useful when used in the right scenario. For example, if a lion was running at us, our fight or flight mode would allow us to react quickly. Used in the wrong scenario, we’d continue to live a reactive life. It only takes a moment to consider our response to a situation and ensure a totally different outcome. Have your ever been cut up on the road by another driver. If yes, how did you react or respond to it? Did you shout catch me outside!? The person who cut you up might not even know that they had done it. They will carry on with their life not giving a second thought to what had happened. You on the other hand reacting to the situation are left upset and allow a moment of your life to potentially shape and ruin your day, killing your joy, peace and enthusiasm.

Humans are very territorial, we like to guard and own our space. Just watch people’s faces on the bus when they have to move their bag to allow someone to sit there. It’s as though someone’s asked them to get off and walk. The moment the person sat in that seat, that space became theirs, even if only for a few minutes. We like to mark our space, “I was ere” was written on table tops and walls when I was at school. We like to be in control of our environment. When anything happens in our environment or disrupts our harmony and routine, it causes us to feel uneasy, uncomfortable and somewhat threatened. Whether if it’s someone cutting us up or something happening within our family that has affected our world. We can either react to the changes in life or respond to them. We can either be a victim of our environment or a master of it. We can’t stop change that’s happening around us, but you can control the way it affects us. Reacting makes what’s going on around us feel like we have no control of our feelings, whereas responding puts us in control of our emotions and feelings. Often we react to situations in life without thinking about the actions we decide to live out.

Whenever change occurs, our environment changes or we’re made to feel threatened or uneasy. Before we take action, we must make sure we stay in charge of the situation, our emotions and feelings. Ask yourself, what’s the best thing for me to do in this moment? What’s the best way for me to feel at this moment? Don’t allow anyone or external events take charge of your life, you are in control!

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