We’ve almost finished our ‘Worry’ sequel. It’s been fun and interesting for me, I’ve learnt quite abit. If you haven’t read the previous blogs from this month about worry I encourage you to do so. Also don’t forget to subscribe to get blogs sent directly to your email. Life’s too short to miss out on it, and it’s too short to worry about…

1. Your appearance. Stop obsessing over your appearance! Everyone is beautiful lol OK, everyone is beautiful to someone (I think that’s what they say). Looks aren’t everything. Confidence and personality is what most people find attractive. But if your appearance and personality is messed up then… erm 🙂

2. Social media. Hello! Do you remember a time before social media? Remember when you had actual friends you actually met up with? We didn’t need social media sites to validate us. Who cares if Samantha’s cat got more likes than your latest posts debuting your new Brazilian weave? It’s not that deep. Whether you’re active, inactive or just not ‘popular’ as Sammy’s cat, it’s alright. Real friends is what’s most valuable.

3. Parents. Now this is the perfect opportunity to share this blog with your parents. *clears throat* parents chill out! We know you love us, but let’s be honest we’ve all made mistakes, even you, it’s apart of life and learning. There’s a time where you have to switch from telling your children what to do, to now advising them on the best decision in your opinion. But you must let them live without fear of disappointing you. Friend, don’t worry too much about what your parents think, they love and want the best for you, but at the end of the day you have to live your life in order to live satisfied, free and happy.

4. Things Outside Of Your Control. I can’t control the weather, the traffic or the smelly person on the bus, unfortunately. But I can control my own attitude and perception on these things. I.e. Yes you smell and my senses are literally throwing up, but I won’t react. Maybe your shower broke down and you haven’t been able to fix it. Look at that, an example of a change of attitude and behaviour right there! The easiest way to reduce stress is to stop thinking about all the stuff you can’t control.

5. Peoples Lives. Gossip is so ugly to me. I don’t mind talking to my friends or family about what’s going on in their lives, but hearing about other peoples personal lives? Uninterested. Instead of joining in gossip, worry about you. I don’t know about you, but way too much is happening to be talking about Jack and Jill down the road.

6. Bills. There are a few things that are certain in life; death and bills! You can’t run from them. Stressing every time you’re nearing to the end of the month is not a healthy way to live. Instead of fretting over what is inevitable, look at how you can prepare for it. Check out the 6 tips on how you can worry proof your life on last weeks blog Replacement. Click the link.

The moral of the story is, life is too short. As much as I’m being light-hearted on these topics, I know for some these are genuine issues. If so I’d encourage you to seek these issues and if needs be seek specialist help.

From One Discovering Soul To Another – Have A Great Week!

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