We live a fast paced society with so much going on. There is constantly something to do and worry about. Whether it’s your family, friends, bills etc, the list goes on. Some of these things we have no control over, but we can certainly control our stress and worry levels to promote a happy peaceful life. Imagine how much brighter and more enjoyable life would be without issues popping up dragging you into a never ending cycle of worry, stress and anxiety. The thoughts you think reinforce emotions that then determine the outcome and outlook of your day. So it’s important to put things into perspective and cancel out the nagging thoughts that escalates worry. Worrying about tomorrow won’t change it, but it will cloud the sunshine in your today. There is nothing positive in worry. Whenever a situation or circumstance comes about that may cause you to succumb to worry, following these three simple steps could make a big difference to your emotions and overall life. Whilst you’re in your worry moment, pause and ask yourself these questions and put things back into perspective. These questions are what separates a person plagued by unhelpful worrisome thoughts and someone who recognises the warning signs and responds with action.

What is the worst possible outcome in this situation?

Will the outcome cause a major problem? What can I do to try and solve the issue?

There are some things that happen in life that cause worry that we’re unable to change. But the times where you have a certain amount of control over it, for your own sake you should change it. Here are 6 ways to help worry proof your life.

1. Stay organised and on top of things.

2. Address issues as they arise.

3. Reduce your number of commitments.

4. Do something relaxing and calming.

5. Don’t avoid what your brain is trying to tell you.

6. Ask for help.

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