Let’s be honest peeps, life can be challenging at times. It could be financial issues, a loss of a job, family problems, break ups or an illness for some example. These things can really knock us. Knocking, or challenging the way we view ourselves, the value and worth we place on ourselves and our abilities. The condition of our self-esteem and soul is so important to like everything! So important that I’m definitely going to revisit this topic because everything we do is because of it. The choices we make, the way we treat ourselves and others, what we allow and don’t allow, you get my point. Therefore building your esteem is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

It’s been believed that talking to plants can improve their quality. Even Prince Charles admits to being a plant talker, as he believes it grows a healthier plant. Approved by the Royals! Scientists suggest that exposure to positive and negative words can affect the growth of a plant. Seems strange doesn’t it? So what’s the theory? Plants are highly sensitive and respond quickly to their environment, to wind, sunlight, temperatures, sound vibrations, radiation and emotions released through our words. There was an experiment done with two of the same plants. They were both planted on the same day, watered the same time and exposed to the same amount of sunlight. The only difference with the two plants was the words spoken to them daily. Plant A had negative words spoken to it, whilst plant B was given nothing but positivity. After some time, the result were clear to see. The plant that had nothing but positive endorsements grew quicker, larger and stronger than Plant A.

Here are 21 affirmations you can use as a base to build on. Say these until you believe it, feel it, dripping of it! So let’s go.

• I unconditionally love and accept myself

• I believe in myself
• I am beautiful
• I deserve to be happy
• I am positive and see nothing but opportunities
• Things are working in my favour
• I am loaded with greatness
• I am strength
• I can achieve anything I set my mind to
• I am not worthless
• I am not valueless
• I am not purposeless
• I let go of all hurt, pain and unforgiveness
• I forgive myself
• My best days are ahead of me
• My opinions are valuable
• I am becoming better everyday
• I am success
• I am full of potential
• I am loved and respected
• I am LIT!

From One Discovering Soul To Another- Change your inner dialogue and it will change the world around you. It’s the inner conversations that you have with yourself that matters.

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