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  • We Here We Here!

    2nd Jul 2019 by

    Welp, it’s here! Welcome & Thank you for passing by:) WAIT! Already intrigued I hear you say!?? Then why not subscribe below and get new content sent straight to your email. Content ranging from little life lessons I’ve learnt, good ‘ole rants, personal stories, opinions before popular and unpopular. Simply scroll to the bottom of… Read more

  • #13| Catch Me Outside!

    16th Sep 2019 by

    There’s nothing guaranteed to stay the same in life, every day brings change. The life you lived 5 years ago isn’t the same life you’re living today. Whether it’s a change in relationships, finances, work life, your values or health. Things over time will always change. Change is inevitable, we can’t run from it, we… Read more

  • #12| Creature Comforts

    2nd Sep 2019 by

    Life is made up of habits. Think about it. Habits create comfort zones. This is why so many people can be content in a job they dislike. It’s because it’s become a part of their comfort, their habit. If you want to reach beyond where you are, you will have to do something you’ve never… Read more

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