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  • We Here We Here!

    2nd Jul 2019 by

    Welp, it’s here! Welcome & Thank you for passing by:) WAIT! Already intrigued I hear you say!?? Then why not subscribe below and get new content sent straight to your email. Content ranging from little life lessons I’ve learnt, good ‘ole rants, personal stories, opinions before popular and unpopular. Simply scroll to the bottom of… Read more

  • #19| Three’s A Crowd

    2nd Dec 2019 by

    Multitasking is defined as being able to take on many tasks at the same time. The word often used to describe the concept of computers being able to perform multiple tasks or processes concurrently. The computer would be able to have tasks and programmes running without any or little decrease in its productivity. This word… Read more

  • #18| Is It Preference?

    27th Nov 2019 by

    I was invited onto BBC West Midlands this week to share my opinions on a range of topics surrounding dating. One of these topics was on racial preference. Is it OK to only date one particular racial group? I asked Instagram via a poll and over 150 responded. 63% said Yes it’s OK to date… Read more

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